Resume Writing Services


We create resumes with IMMEDIATE IMPACT to draw the attention of busy employers. You need a resume that quickly conveys how you deliver value to employers. It’s that promise of value that gets you the interview.

Resume Directions Resume Services prepares resumes and cover letters for all job, employment and career fields. Our resume specialists have extensive industry experience with proven expertise in creating resumes that secure job interviews. They create powerful content using the STAR (Situation – Tactic – Action – Result) and SAB (Situation – Action – Benefits) structures to successfully market your value proposition to employers.

We can also prepare a cover letter strategically linking resume information to employer needs. The opening paragraph states the reason for writing, referral/source, and a clear link to the position/employer/industry. The second and third paragraphs demonstrate fit and include relevant attributes and traits. The final paragraph is a call to action. Employers find this approach engaging, leading directly to more job interviews.


We organize experience, education, skills, achievements and accomplishments into powerful resume content that clearly demonstrates value in quantifiable terms. In addition, we insert industry keywords for optimum recognition by employers’ computer scanning systems. If you are a newcomer to the United States, we will ensure your new resume is presented in a manner that is appropriate for the U.S. marketplace.

The Resume Package includes:

  • Customized and formatted resume
  • Text only version for online job applications
  • Job Interview Tips sheet *
  • Turnaround Time of 5 business days or less


The Resume and Cover Letter Package includes:

  • Customized and formatted resume
  • Customized and formatted cover letter
  • Text only version of resume for online job applications
  • Job Interview Tips sheet *
  • Turnaround Time of 5 business days or less


LinkedIn is a social networking site for business and work opportunities. With 135 million users and growing, and with almost 50% of employers now using LinkedIn to search for suitable candidates, having a LinkedIn profile is no longer an option.

This critical element of your job search package will further uncover job opportunities. A professional, well-worded, and keyword optimized LinkedIn profile will help you stand head and shoulders above your competition.

Let Resume Directions Resume Services create a high-impact LinkedIn profile and stop missing out!

You will work with a LinkedIn profile expert who will create this vital online document to showcase your relevant experience and skills, while also creating networking opportunities to access an even larger pool of job openings.

The LinkedIn Profile Package includes:

  • A well-developed, keyword optimized LinkedIn profile, further improving the value and reach of your resume
  • Job Interview Tips Sheet *
  • Turnaround Time of 5 business days or less

Professional, Courteous Service

You always receive friendly, personalized service from a skilled writing professional with extensive experience writing for your field. We make the process easy and painless!

* The Job Interview Tips sheet contains valuable information on what to do before, during, and after your interview.